Naginabagh, Mission Compound, Chandrapur - 442 402 (M.S.)

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St. Michael’s English School, Chandrapur is established in the year 1959, with the primary objective of providing world class quality education to budding pupils and to create good moral citizens of 21st century.

We achieve this objective in a unique way, where we blend traditional & innovative methods to make learning a joyful process.

We invite you to experience this revolution.

Our Vision

To impart world class education which will bring from a overall development of the society through the very sensitive and precious strata that are there children of the school by inculcating best human values in them.

Our Mission

To make the school education relevant to the needs of the future carriers of students and to develop there over all personality to build up a strong nation.

School Philosophy

The St. Michael’s School believes that schools must be vibe rent centers of learning. This is why education is not limited to academic excellence, but also extends to life enriching fields like music and sports.

Principal’s Message

If we are to go forward we must go back and re-discover those precious values that all reality hinges on moral foundations and that all reality has spiritual control. St. Michael’s English School is trying to cultivate the same moral values and social ethics in children from last hundred years.

We need to re-examine the purpose of education as it has become rather examination oriented. “High Scores” are important in today’s world, but we need to redefine the value of school to “touch heart and change minds”. I believe that education is not confined only to the acquisition of information but that it is also a moral understanding. Me and my institution are not only committed to equip children with all those qualities that would prepare them to face challenges throughout their lives but also to touch their heart to change them into best citizens of India.

This esteemed institution standing in the center of the city gives top priority to the student development in every domain. We prepare them in academic, physical, psychological development and spiritual well being. We make them resourceful as well as skillful and socially responsible. This institution believes in providing quality education at an international standard even.

I personally believe that every child can be thought to think more imaginatively flexibly and analytically. My institution is determined to ensure it with modern learning tools and in safe, healthy, positive and intellectual atmosphere.

We are committed and continually engaged to make students active, positively energetic and make their learning highly enjoyable with best learning methodologies.

Vikas Kolhekar
The Principal